Posted on Wednesday 11 November 2015 by Shelter NI

Shelter NI celebrating Christmas at The Bakery

On Sunday, 20th December 2015, from 10am-3pm, The Bakery, situated at 52 Howard Street in the heart of Belfast, will open to celebrate Christmas and to support Shelter NI.

This celebration is becoming a bit of a tradition at The Bakery. For the 3rd successive year The Bakery is opening for business on the last Sunday before Christmas. People are welcome to call in on the day and enjoy a great selection of Christmas and traditional snacks, such as mince pies, shortbread, soup and sandwiches and other pastries; all these can be complemented by delicious hot drinks. At the point where you would pay for your selection, you can walk away with no charge or you can choose to support the work of Shelter NI by giving a donation.

“We are a Northern Ireland charity that both campaigns for homeless people and also provides accommodation and support services.” said Tony McQuillan, Director of Shelter NI.

Although many people will never become homeless or be threatened with homelessness, being evicted or having no place to call home is a traumatic experience. Every day in Northern Ireland more than 50 families or individuals declare themselves as homeless to the authorities. Homelessness can happen to you too.

The official figures published by the Department of Social Development in N.I. show that from April 2014 to March 2015 over 19,600 households presented themselves as homeless to the Northern Ireland Housing Executive; 3,117 because their accommodation was not suitable and 1,479 because they couldn’t afford to rent their accommodation privately. These figures exemplify the acute housing problem facing all our communities.

“We are told that public funds are limited but homelessness and the housing crisis here require immediate attention.

In Shelter NI we do not receive any core public funds. We are keen to take effective action but we depend on the generosity of your donations to keep doing this crucial work.

We hope to see you at The Bakery to celebrate Christmas with us.” said Tony McQuillan.

If you are not in town on the day and you would like to contribute please click here

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