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Shelter NI

Dwayne's Story

"I have been living on the Slate Project since Oct 2014, during this time I have been supported with different things such as applying for training courses, making and attending appointments, managing money and overall learning to live independently.

I am now ready to move on and have found a new flat which I will move into, the Slate project are helping me with my move and staff contacted the CHNI (Council for Homeless Northern Ireland) who supplied me with a move-in pack, which I am more than pleased with. I will continue to work with Slate on Floating Support as it’s great to know they are there for me if I need it."

Charlene's Story

“Hi my name is Charlene. I've been living on the SLATE project since November 2015. The project has given me my own flat where I can live independently with the support of the staff and my support worker Louise. During my time on the project I have been given the opportunity to take part in different events, such as the YPI NI (Youth Philanthropy Initiative Northern Ireland) and a PANI (Publicity Association Northern Ireland) questionnaire. Throughout my stay on the project I have been attending the Special Olympic sports in our local leisure center where I have taken part in several competitions and won 5 medals. SLATE project is fun and I love getting involved with any activities the project offers. Without the project I wouldn’t be where I am now or as happy as I am.”